Our wallpapers come in four different qualities, to accommodate the specific needs of your room. What all four have in common, though, is that all prints are eco-certified, non flammable, odorless and hazard free. In other words, they are perfect for children.

Paper (100cm)

All time classic material, with a matte and smooth effect. All prints are eco-friendly and odorless, ideal for places where kids live and play.

Non-Woven (50cm)

Ideal for high maintenance circumstances, as it is fully washable, durable and scratch resistant. Yet, the non woven fabric, backed vinyl wallpaper is a classy addition in the room as it adds a satin and shiny effect.

Vinyl Coated (134cm)

The vinyl coat makes the wallpaper durable and resistant to humidity, hence ideal for children rooms. It is easy to apply and equally easy to remove, so that you can change the decoration as often as you want.

Paper Backed Vinyl (130cm)

This type of wallpaper have a paper backing that creates a luxurious, fabric-like effect. Very stylish and elegant, ideal for high standard adolescents.


Can be used on wall , tables, placemats for a party etc… easy to stick and remove. Water resistant, durable ideal for children parties.