About us

Once upon a time, there were two girls who refused to grow up- Erietta and Christina. Although they both had very successful careers in Economics and Architecture, accordingly, the kid inside them kept calling for a way to express. Hence, when they became mothers, they both realized what was really missing: a brand that would go beyond the traditional blue and pink categorization, that would dare to think out of the box and that would be nearly perfect in everything. And this is how Big Little Ones begins…

Erietta Kamari, the mother of a boy, has a very impressive background in Economics and Real Estate. Having worked in the field for many years, she realized that interior design fascinated her- so she studied in St. Martins London. For Erietta, even before motherhood, interior design was all about creating warm homes, welcoming places to live, relax and enjoy. For rooms designed for kids, in particular, she visualized a combination of patterns and materials that would relax the little ones, trigger their imagination and make them feel the safety that every child deserves. Inspired by a quote from Aladdin- that today’s special moments become tomorrow’s memories- she dreamt of a brand that would become the setting where these special moments will be created.

Christina Papakaliatis is an architect –with the very broad sense of the word. She designs and brings to life nearly everything: from buildings, jewelry, furniture and to cakes, and cupcakes. Thus, her restless spirit would never allow her to settle for mass production/ medium quality products when the time came to decorate her son’s room. Exactly as happened with Erietta, Christina visualized a playful and happy brand that would vest the children with joyful images and stimuli capable to build their confidence and imagination. 

In a nutshell, this is how a years-long friendship has become a partnership and a common vision: high-quality materials and imaginative designs become beddings, wallpapers, apparel, and accessories, under the Big Little Ones label. With a… spoonful of love and a touch of a fairytale, this is a brand by moms for moms.

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