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Big Little Ones at The Pop Up Project “Great Things Happen Twice”!

Big Little Ones is a new innovative brand for children and family that aims to create the right setting where the happy moments of today will become the precious memories of tomorrow.

From Upholstery, Bedding and Home products, to Clothes and Accessories for kids, Big Little Ones puts an end to the trivial.

Big Little Ones  is a new playful and happy brand that aims to vest the children with joyful images and stimuli capable to build their confidence and imagination. Its founders Erietta and Christina, both moms, visualised a combination of patterns and materials that would relax the little ones, trigger their imagination and make them feel the safety that every child deserves. Inspired by a quote from Aladdin- that today’s special moments become tomorrow’s memories- they dreamt of a brand that would become the setting where these special moments will be created.High-quality materials and imaginative designs become beddings, wallpapers, apparel, and accessories, under the Big Little Ones label. With a… spoonful of love and a touch of a fairytale, this is a brand by moms for moms.

Perfect style, strictly 100% organic fabrics that fit perfectly into everyday life because they are designed by mums for mums. A brand that will make your children dream and smile, designs full of prints, colors and imagination.

 You can find the Complete Collection at The Pop Up Project “Great Things Happen Twice”, for two whole days, Friday 7th & Saturday 8th of December, from 10:00 am to 20.00 pm, at the Goulandris Natural History Museum.

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