#1 Organic Cotton – Eco process

We use organic cotton for all our baby clothing, our baby organic bedding and all our printed children’s pyjamas.

Why Organic?

  • We love organic cotton because its pure, gentle soft and snuggly
  • Organic cotton feels super soft because the fibers are left intact and not broken down by the chemicals used in the farming and processing of conventional cotton
  • Its much kinder to babies and young children’s delicate skin. No harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes are used and so organic cotton is less likely to trigger allergies.
  • Organic cotton is much more durable and so it enables you to hand it down for generations
  • Organic farming methods are better for our planet, wildlife and for the farmers that employ them.

#2 GOTS certification – Ethical production

Our organic cotton has GOTS certification.

The Strictest socioeconomic criteria built into this organization means that:

When buying products with this stamp you are not just buying organic – you are buying ethical

These credentials show that no child Labour is used, and all people work in a safe environment and are guaranteed a fair fixed wage

GOTS certification is the best certification for organic materials on the market today and involves the strictest criteria and rigid controls throughout the entire manufacturing process including chemical use and working conditions.

#3 OEKO-TEX- Harmlessness for our children’s skin

We use OEKO-TEX certified poplin made from 100% natural cotton for our poplin children’s pyjamas and for our children’s bedding.

This certification ensures no harmful substances are used in the production.

This way we can guarantee no harmful substances have been used in the manufacturing process and therefore our textiles are hypo-allergic.

#4 By Moms for Moms

Being moms ourselves we understand the importance of  practicality when it comes to babies and toddlers.

Our baby onesies have snap buttons or zipper from neck to leg ending for easy dressing and a snap button on top for comfort and safety.

This way our products are not only pretty to look at but also practical

#5 Highest Quality Materials

Quality begins with the choice of materials.

We are extremely sensitive in relation to baby and children’s skin exposure.  From bedding to apparel to wallpapers we use only the safest high quality materials and our prints are printed with the safest water based inks without toxic or harmful substances.

We ensure the best quality for our children

#6 Made in Greece

Our products, from wallpapers to bedding and apparel are produced in Greece.

We aim to support local businesses and establish strong long-lasting successful co-operations with our manufacturers.

At the same time we are able to oversee all stages of the manufacturing process and ensure the best quality for our products.

#7 Unisex prints

Our prints are mostly unisex. We aim to encourage children to wear whatever they want, without making them conform to gender stereotypes.

Our products are quality pieces that can be enjoyed by every child, no matter their gender, and feature everything from cute animals to nature and every day life-inspired pieces.

Gender neutral clothing is also ideal for hand-me-downs that will make both girls and boys happy . Reusing clothing rather than throwing it out is beneficial for both the environment and parents’ budget.

#8 We aim to relax our children & help them grow

From wallpapers to bedding and apparel with our designs we aim to relax the little ones, trigger their imagination and make them feel the safety that every child deserves.

We ask the opinion of specialists in children’s psychology in our creative and designing stages and we like to use colours and materials that are known to stimulate kids minds and increase their creativity.